rainbow reincarnation

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Have had this rainbow-coloured kimono-style jacket & maxi skirt for 10+ years, made in California to get the drapey rayon out of stash, and thinking the skirt might someday become something else. It’s turned out I don’t wear the skirt much, but the kimono gets worn a lot, so a skirt reincarnation is definitely in order.

Looking at the skirt over the weekend, I thought “blouse” and unpicked the hem & waist. After laundering I measured: 32” by 1.5 yds. Hmmmm . . . more than I’d thought. Perhaps not another Colette after all. I started draping it, and came up with the sketch above.

After a tour through the pattern boxes, I finally took a good look at the fabric’s pattern and made a Major discovery: That kimono has the pattern upside down. Both front and back.  😦

Oh. My. Goodness. Total embarrassment.  What to do?

  • Leave the kimono alone (my lazier self insists)?
  • Try to fix a shorter version (and ruin all the fabric, lazier self insists)?
  • Retire kimono to home-only & patch together matching shorts (no comment from lazier self)?

Your suggestions welcomed. Meanwhile, am going out for chocolate . . . . .


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8 thoughts on “rainbow reincarnation”

  1. Leave the kimono the way it is, who’s gonna notice if you haven’t after all these years. And who’s to say what’s up and down anyways


  2. Whoops! After looking at the pics it’s only noticeable it’s upside down when the fabric is proper flat. The drape hides the tell tale blue bits that look a bit upside down. I’d go full steam ahead and make you’re top, either way up – it won’t matter! The fabrics too lovely to waste. And carry on wearing your kimono as it is 😀

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    1. You bring up a great point about the drape hiding things – thank you! Was thinking that too, and that it might be ok to continue wearing the kimono because of it hiding obscuring the directional bits. 😉

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