vintage fashion, with music & architecture, too

A literary taste of Hodge… in his teen years, messing with his computer. Don’t felines do that? This one does.

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At the turn of the century New York City was teaming with popular song writers, and their published music all had to have descriptive covers.

Illustrators were hired, and they often drew a scene suggestive of the contents: variations on moon, June, & honeymoons were always popular.   Enter fashion!

And my Chicago shop owner friend, Keith, and his shop, Selected Works Used Books & Sheet Music located in the Fine Arts Building, just south of Symphony Center & The Art Institute. (Doesn’t he keep exalted company?  🙂 )

Keith is also caretaker for Hodge (see above), Chicago’s famous book store cat, and soon-to-be-published author.  And thereby hangs this tail . . . (sorry, couldn’t resist).

One day I was over on Facebook, looking at Keith’s site.

Hodge had been sharpening his claws on Keith’s keyboard, and I wanted to catch up on his news.

Writing’s in the air over there. Keith’s penned a couple of Chicago thrillers himself, which are here and here (click the pic on each page to download).  As Keith is also a great photographer, there are piccies of Hodge and Chicago.

Still with me? We’re almost done!

That (his FB page), Dear & Faithful Readers, is how I saw Keith’s latest: a Photo-A-Day from his huge pile of vintage sheet music, a few of which I decided to collect for framing.

By the way, Keith will ship to the moon if you pay the freight charge. On terra firma, in the U.S. he uses super low book rate; elsewhere, he’d have to quote. Just email him (selworks at sbcglobal dot net).

Do have a read over at both sites, and enjoy!

the final word is, of course, from His Good Self: "Here's messin' with you, kid..."
the final word is, of course, from His Good Self:
“Here’s messin’ with you, kid…”

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