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Hadn’t posted a piccie of this completed Renfrew, so here it is!   😉 (Whoops! Sorry about forgetting the title.)

A couple weekends ago I spent time perfecting the Sorbetto pattern fit, using two gigantic man’s (men’s?) shirts bought last summer at a thrift shop.

I’d cut off the sleeves and collars, then worn them around the house. The fabrics were great, but I didn’t quite know what else to do to them, so they went into stash.

Until Ali (aka Thimberlina) wore one of her Sorbettos …

These look rubbish on hangers (really did iron them!), but fit well, & pull on & off easily!

I was too involved to remember to take photos of either version, but here are some details.

  • Instead of the pleat on the Sorbetto I substituted the already-made buttons from the dress shirt.
  • I did remember not to include that front pleat when cutting out 😇
  • The pocket wasn’t coming off easily, and was probably gonna leave permanently perforated fabric anyway (meh), so I left it
  • A couple of fitting take-in’s, re-placed & shortened the darts, and it was ready for finishing
  • Thought navy seam binding would be fun, but didn’t have any sooo…it got put aside whilst I thought about alternatives
  • Finally decided to use white rayon seam binding, which worked a treat

Meanwhile, I had another man’s shirt . . . and decided to make its front the back on this version.

  • This shirt was smaller, so there wasn’t any room for alternatives
  • The side seams had been sewn down (forget what that seam finish is called) and again, wasn’t gonna be removed, so I left it
  • Used the shirt’s hem as it’s shaped, and included a slit on either side
  • Decided to leave the top of each button placket open, to give a slight V-shaping, or space for a pretty pin on the blue!

Am feeling fairly confident about the pattern, and have more versions in mind, including the 2 fabrics just in from England.

And I’m beginning to really appreciate being able to make up a pattern several times in succession, playing with it, and really getting the pattern to fit comfortably.

12 thoughts on “blouse basics”

    1. Thank you so much, but cannot take credit as the buttons were already there. And I think Ali/Thimberlina had done the same thing on one of her shirts, so the idea came from her. I just “borrowed” it! 😀

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  1. You’ve done a great job with the shirts and turning them into wearable pieces. Really cute tops. I like your process too . Might try doing something with my husbands old shirts!


    1. Thank you sooo much, Neela! Must say those shirts looked & felt brand new – buttons wouldn’t go through button holes easily – that kind of thing. Do let us know if you decide to raid that other closet! 😉

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  2. Love your summer Renfrew fabric, it looks really fresh & summery 🌞 I’ve not made a sleepless one , except as a dress. I can feel my do list just about to get bigger!! 😀

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