blouse basics

Hadn’t posted a piccie of this completed Renfrew, so here it is!   😉 (Whoops! Sorry about forgetting the title.)

A couple weekends ago I spent time perfecting the Sorbetto pattern fit, using two gigantic man’s (men’s?) shirts bought last summer at a thrift shop.

I’d cut off the sleeves and collars, then worn them around the house. The fabrics were great, but I didn’t quite know what else to do to them, so they went into stash.

Until Ali (aka Thimberlina) wore one of her Sorbettos …

These look rubbish on hangers (really did iron them!), but fit well, & pull on & off easily!

I was too involved to remember to take photos of either version, but here are some details.

  • Instead of the pleat on the Sorbetto I substituted the already-made buttons from the dress shirt.
  • I did remember not to include that front pleat when cutting out 😇
  • The pocket wasn’t coming off easily, and was probably gonna leave permanently perforated fabric anyway (meh), so I left it
  • A couple of fitting take-in’s, re-placed & shortened the darts, and it was ready for finishing
  • Thought navy seam binding would be fun, but didn’t have any sooo…it got put aside whilst I thought about alternatives
  • Finally decided to use white rayon seam binding, which worked a treat

Meanwhile, I had another man’s shirt . . . and decided to make its front the back on this version.

  • This shirt was smaller, so there wasn’t any room for alternatives
  • The side seams had been sewn down (forget what that seam finish is called) and again, wasn’t gonna be removed, so I left it
  • Used the shirt’s hem as it’s shaped, and included a slit on either side
  • Decided to leave the top of each button placket open, to give a slight V-shaping, or space for a pretty pin on the blue!

Am feeling fairly confident about the pattern, and have more versions in mind, including the 2 fabrics just in from England.

And I’m beginning to really appreciate being able to make up a pattern several times in succession, playing with it, and really getting the pattern to fit comfortably.


12 thoughts on “blouse basics

  1. Amanda

    Great idea to use men’s shirts!! I agree with the using a pattern a few times to get it spot on fit wise!!?? Haha have a good day x

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you so much, but cannot take credit as the buttons were already there. And I think Ali/Thimberlina had done the same thing on one of her shirts, so the idea came from her. I just “borrowed” it! 😀

  2. neela

    You’ve done a great job with the shirts and turning them into wearable pieces. Really cute tops. I like your process too . Might try doing something with my husbands old shirts!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you sooo much, Neela! Must say those shirts looked & felt brand new – buttons wouldn’t go through button holes easily – that kind of thing. Do let us know if you decide to raid that other closet! 😉

  3. Thimberlina

    Love your summer Renfrew fabric, it looks really fresh & summery 🌞 I’ve not made a sleepless one , except as a dress. I can feel my do list just about to get bigger!! 😀


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