off-season & off-centre food & fabrics


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This afternoon I finally got up nerve to look at some of what’s left in the un-organised fabric stash: mostly off-season pieces. However, I didn’t drag out a large plastic box …

After doing laundry yesterday and today, have had me fill for this weekend.

Besides, winter fabric takes up a lotta space because it can be so thick, which is why there’s still that large box. Have been wondering how to accommodate fabric in something bigger than those 1 gal plastic zipped bags I used for the lighter fabrics.

Check out that second photo, the one with the checkered fabric. It’s in a zip-on-3-sides plastic bag that slides under a bed. Guess that’s about the best solution, but I’m not whizzing across county for more. Time for food!

. . . and a glance at today’s luncheon menu ~ off-centred, but not off-season! Dessert’s a second iteration of last week’s brownie attempt. This time it worked.

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