great british sewing bee – 2015 (season 3)


Judges Patrick Grant and May Martin

NOTE: To view via YouTube, search “great british sewing bee”.

Photo from BBC Two site. Click the pic to go there . . .

2015 GBSB Sewers
photo from BBC 2 site
click the pic for site

Hadn’t said much about this season ’cause last year BBC wasn’t allowing YouTube copies of the programmes, so the rest of the world couldn’t watch.

But something happened this year. Don’t know what… maybe because Amanda & Neely were contestants! 💕💕 … but I just looked at YT, and there are all sorts of versions of all three seasons.

So if you haven’t seen the programme, missed some episodes, or just wanna bask in sewers’ good cheer, have a look.

Interesting facts about this year’s 10 sewing stars ~

  • 40% were men
  • including the winner!

That’s not as much a spoiler as you think cause two men were in the finals.

Spoiler alert: winner IS listed, with 2015 sewers’ biographies.


10 thoughts on “great british sewing bee – 2015 (season 3)

  1. badfish

    Ha! You weren’t kidding or fibbing!!! Learn something new every day. But I couldn’t open any of the episodes online, even to peek?

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Gee, badfish, don’t know what’s going on with your machine. Will check some out & see if I get the same non-result. Thanks for the heads up & so sorry ’bout your prob.

    2. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Dear badfish, just went to & did a search for “GBSB” “great british sewing bee” (I’m a lazy typer), came up with a long list, clicked on the first & second choices & got both, no prob.
      But, if your computer is rigged so you can’t open up any youtube videos, can’t help you.
      Am so sorry! 😲💦


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