odds & odders

These are mostly photos I’ve had sitting around for a bit, waiting for time to post. Decided the time was now.

Below ~ I’ve become a great fan of Mr. & Mrs. Murder, a 1-season series from Oz. Very entertaining. Reminds me of Nick & Nora Charles from the 1930’s. Costumes are contemporary, so am not watching for those. When they showed this scene, I had to grab my camera.

But should qualify this by saying, lest you discover how really weird I can be, that I’m acting under the influence of a midnight fire alarm that went into extra innings… for over an hour. And this is after Saturday night’s 2 a.m. episode. So if the “tone” sounds a bit wonky, maybe you’ll understand. I’m wondering if it’s safe to undress yet. And try to sleep.

AGH ! ! ! ! !

Baked a batch of my double chocolate cookies last week, and they do ease the pain a bit.  😊 click for recipe

Baked a batch of my double chocolate cookies last week, and they do ease the pain a bit. 😊 he-he!


4 thoughts on “odds & odders

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      My thought exactly, Linda – thank you! Also wonder if the dotted, off-centre pattern is partly to blame. ?
      Glad not to be alone in appreciating this 1-season series. That link I used indicates series is available on-line, but amazon over here (U.S.) doesn’t show dvds for purchase. Just now our public broadcasting channel is showing them. Love it when they ‘mind meld’!

      1. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!

        I been getting another one on public broadcasting lately. It’s set in the “flapper” years and the female lead is quite liberated. I can’t remember the name right now… “Mrs. Fisher Mysteries”? I will keep my eyes open for Mr and Mrs Murder too! Thanks! It’s great to have something to watch while sewing! 😀


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