wherefore art thou, renfrew….

Last night’s efforts ~

After much reading, research, soul-searching, cutting, re-cutting, and a bit lots of procrastination, this first renfrew is aaaalmost done.

Not that the pattern was difficult. No way! Getting my head around how to fit me was the bump in the road.

Several times I searched & read everything I could find on renfrews & FBAs, then just renfrews. Finally decided, as this was a re-cut from a different pattern, to think of it as a muslin, and get on with it.

I’ve read about making a horizontal FBA and easing the extra in on the sides, but decided not to go there because I didn’t have enough fabric. Instead, I cut the existing shoulder smaller, and merged out into the larger size. Turned out that decreasing around the upper shoulders was enough to ease out the underarm creases. Also helped a lot with the too-large neck.

Thank goodness for Sewaholic’s great online tutorials! Reading through them I realized I’d originally wanted to eliminate the bottom band & just cut the additional length as part of the front & back… but then forgot to cut the front longer.  😦

Luckily I did have enough to cut new bands for back & front. My remaining task for tonight is attaching them, and doing the hem.

Then I’ll look up sleeveless renfrews … I’ve a couple of 1-yd knit fabrics. . . .

10 thoughts on “wherefore art thou, renfrew….”

  1. Thank you! If I’d had the energy, I’d have dug out the winter skirt it will partner with, which has the orange in the pattern, which reminds me of golf, which reminds me of you!

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  2. Thank you!
    As you saw, I did add a wide band, but hadn’t any other colour to block. So went with the orange.
    Oh, well. At least it’s a tad longer, which is my preference, too.

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  3. Thanks, Jess! A crop on you would look outstanding; on me it’s just embarrassing!
    Besides, the aim is keeping warm, so the longer, the better. 🙂


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