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Exhibit number one (A). Crépe silk rayé
Exhibit number one (A). Crépe silk rayé

The New York Public Library’s Digital Collections have revamped their web site, and made it easier to search.

Exhibit number one (B). Crépe nouveauté
Exhibit number one (B). Crépe nouveauté

After seeing this lovely exhibit from 1904, I knew it had to get used, and what better time than today.

Click either to go to the NYPL source, and scroll down for details.

At my best guess, Exhibit B (left) relates to the girl’s blue dress fabric, with texture of woven fabric at the top, and colour on the bottom.

Having looked all thru the Collection, the dress fabric on the left in each Exhibit A is at the top of the Exhibit B page; the dress on the right (Ex. A) refers to the sample at  the bottom (Ex. B). As for why the colours are so different: fading? not concerned with matching? Anybody know?

If you move on down the page, you’ll see a clickable reference to “wash dress fabrics.”

That takes you to all the exhibits in this Collection, which appears to be of washable fabrics. I wonder if this one was actually a very early rayon….

If anyone has time, and discovers more, please share!

Hope you enjoy 💝