intricacies of re-use

IN”TRICATE, a. [L. intricatus, from intrico, to fold; in and tricor.] Entangled, involved; perplexed; complicated; obscure. (1824)

Remember this, from 2 years ago? The stretch cotton has a lot of body & I love those pockets, but the culottes didn’t get worn last summer, the Summer of Dresses. The fabric hadn’t faded. They were too good to bin. What to do?

Taking a good look, I remembered how unflattering I’d felt they looked, but they hadn’t been uncomfortable to wear. I decided to do some chopping and try the fabric as a skirt instead.

Haven’t had time to wear the skirt. Yet. One reuse project done. 🙂


2 "new" skirts
2 “new” skirts

Meanwhile, 2 RTW (ready to wear) dresses also hadn’t been worn in several years; their slinky knit-type fabrics seem indestructible. What to do?

The bodices were the uncomfortable bits, in summer humidity. Those got slashed and binned.  Presto! A couple more skirts.

No, I wasn’t about to try ripping out those factory stitches to make side seam  pockets from the tops. Ripping the culotte/skirt hem took long enough.

Will this summer be a summer of dresses and skirts?

(Note to self’s Never-Ending List: make tops to go with skirts?)

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15 thoughts on “intricacies of re-use”

  1. You can never have too many skirts! Well done for making your dresses into something you’ll actually wear, I never get around to doing things like that. The fabric you made your culottes from is really cute xx


    1. Thank you, Dear One! Have been enjoying your recent posties, but wish you could get your (beloved tho it is) coat off for warmer weather! x ☀️


        1. Well, you won’t be there forever. And you get to enjoy those coats & snuggly pullovers, with hot cocoa & toddies. I’d rather that than our humidity!


    1. Yes, know I goofed big on forgetting that. My apologies. Was just so sick of seeing them as dresses once I’d made the decision, I quickly grabbed the scissors and did them both before I lost my nerve. (sigh) What makes cutting up RTW so difficult?

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    1. So grateful to know I’m not alone. Thank you! Now thinking they’re a bit to slinky-thin to wear w/o a lining… and really a knit top should go with a knit bottom, hmm? Good thing I’ve been studying up on renfrew sizing… hardest part is finding fabric. Wouldn’t try white… maybe lighter blue for that & anything would go with that b&w… details-details-details. Aaaagh!!!!!!!!

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