intricacies of re-use

IN”TRICATE, a. [L. intricatus, from intrico, to fold; in and tricor.] Entangled, involved; perplexed; complicated; obscure. (1824)

Remember this, from 2 years ago? The stretch cotton has a lot of body & I love those pockets, but the culottes didn’t get worn last summer, the Summer of Dresses. The fabric hadn’t faded. They were too good to bin. What to do?

Taking a good look, I remembered how unflattering I’d felt they looked, but they hadn’t been uncomfortable to wear. I decided to do some chopping and try the fabric as a skirt instead.

Haven’t had time to wear the skirt. Yet. One reuse project done. 🙂


2 "new" skirts
2 “new” skirts

Meanwhile, 2 RTW (ready to wear) dresses also hadn’t been worn in several years; their slinky knit-type fabrics seem indestructible. What to do?

The bodices were the uncomfortable bits, in summer humidity. Those got slashed and binned.  Presto! A couple more skirts.

No, I wasn’t about to try ripping out those factory stitches to make side seam  pockets from the tops. Ripping the culotte/skirt hem took long enough.

Will this summer be a summer of dresses and skirts?

(Note to self’s Never-Ending List: make tops to go with skirts?)

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15 thoughts on “intricacies of re-use”

  1. You can never have too many skirts! Well done for making your dresses into something you’ll actually wear, I never get around to doing things like that. The fabric you made your culottes from is really cute xx


    1. Yes, know I goofed big on forgetting that. My apologies. Was just so sick of seeing them as dresses once I’d made the decision, I quickly grabbed the scissors and did them both before I lost my nerve. (sigh) What makes cutting up RTW so difficult?

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    1. So grateful to know I’m not alone. Thank you! Now thinking they’re a bit to slinky-thin to wear w/o a lining… and really a knit top should go with a knit bottom, hmm? Good thing I’ve been studying up on renfrew sizing… hardest part is finding fabric. Wouldn’t try white… maybe lighter blue for that & anything would go with that b&w… details-details-details. Aaaagh!!!!!!!!

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