understanding (my) transitional clothes

This is the start of my third summer on the east coast, and I might, just might, be getting a handle on what constitutes transitional clothing for the area.

The epiphany occurred last week, whilst washing winter sweaters, almost none of which got worn. Why? Some had 3/4-length sleeves, which leave me always trying to pull them down to my wrists. A couple are fading. One is too snug for my taste. The rest weren’t heavy enough.

Solutions? Undecided about next winter, but can put that off for a bit, as I still have a couple of merino wools in  the fabric stash.

For this coolish weather, there’s at least 1 heavier rayon that could get made up and worn right now – yippee!

Lovely Amanda, at Sew Deputy across the pond, wrote lately about wearing a sleeveless blouse with a sweater in the summer. Ah, definitely not the case for summers here! More like late Autumn, or early Spring, neither of which is guaranteed to arrive in any given year.

What to do? Keep wearing those great flannel pj bottoms when it’s cool, and try to zip up another pair in rayon. Am thinking long ones, but wondering if I should do shorter… guess they could always get chopped off, couldn’t they?

Slowly the old wardrobe is getting weeded through, and plans being made for spring/summer sewing. Meanwhile, those pillows got unpicked tonight during a thunderstorm, and are ready for zip insertions and finishing.

Yep. When I was eager to get them done I decided to sew up 3 sides. Then I realized it would be much easier to insert a zip before the other sides were sewn. Sooo…

9 thoughts on “understanding (my) transitional clothes”

    1. Eek! Know what you mean. After a glorious, warm day (Saturday) we’re having cooler, sometimes extremely wet weather. Rain boots & sweaters back on…
      (how does one note a wry face?)
      (or should it be a philosophical, april-showers-bring-may-flowers kinda face?)

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  1. We definitely need our cardigans over here, it’s not just Amanda 🙂 I really enjoy the process of switching over from Winter to Summer clothes, or vice versa. It always forces me to reevaluate what I actually wear and to have a good sort out. Good luck with yours.

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    1. I also enjoy the transition, Teresa. Thank you for reminding me. Lol! The 2 spring/summers I’ve been here have both been so different I didn’t feel prepared for either, but am beginning to feel more acclimated this go round. Fingers crossed, of course!

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    1. Ah, dear one, when you’re wearing your cardi & I’m dripping wet from humidity I’d gladly change places with you… but you might have qualms! Have been a tad busy, housecleaning, plus a large work project, but it’s surprising what can come to thought when mindlessly hoovering or dusting. 😉

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