got a tea cosy?

IMG_6422 IMG_6423Saw Ali’s (aka Thimberlina) great creation, read how Sewchet made her template, and was thoroughly captivated.

Then realized I didn’t (have cozies) for a couple of small pots in the cupboard. Dug them out, measured, started stash-searching, and voila.

It looks a bit lopsided in the piccie, but does fit on either properly. Even did a bit of free-style machine quilting on the stuffing.

Have another in the works, as well as other projects in varying stages of completion. Updates anon.

Meanwhile, hope you can enjoy your weather!

10 thoughts on “got a tea cosy?”

  1. Thanks for the links, I threatened to make a friend a tea cosy but had forgotten all about it. Great fabric for the project! Will have to find something as fitting.


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