green flannel~done!

love my hanging-up  ribbon tab!
love my hanging-up ribbon tab!

The green double-napped flannel has been test worn, and the 3/8″ elastic suits nicely.

They’re miles too wide, which adds to their at-home-only comfort, but leaves me reluctant to do a piccie!

Below is a bit of a mystery fabric. It’s 100% poly, very soft & lightweight, and it’s been my security blanket this season. It was a gift from my lovely mate Samantha last Christmas, from Marks & Spencer (wow! I own an RTW from M&S!).

If I could clone it, I’d have multiples, in varying colours.

But I haven’t located a single thing to come anywhere close to this fabric. Do these piccies remind you of any ?


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  1. Me neither, some sort of silky feeling fleece. I had a bit if a RTW relapse in M&S this week as they’d a sale on. 2 tops, 2 vests & a pair of boots! Felt good! 😀

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