updates: orange & green!

orange renfrew update
As you see above, I started re-making this orange knit using Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern. After basting in one sleeve, I tried it on. The neckline was too wide by about 2” & the sleeve was about 1” too low. 2 sleeves = 2 inches, no?

When I pinched the neckline in 2”, the sleeve was fine. But then I forgot to check the rest of the top – oh, no! Will baste up the other side, and check that when there’s time.  🙂

Meanwhile, have continued searching online for FBA’s used with the Renfrew. there are quite a few out there, so I’ve lots to choose from.

green flannel pj bottoms update
The legs are finally sewn right way round, with waist band & hems to be done. Want to adjust the waist for uber comfort. Maybe a drawstring… ah, just got an idea!

Haven’t baked since last week’s crackers, which I’m loving. Am craving chocolate, but only Ginger nuts are in the tin just now. Speaking of them, can you believe McVities’ Digestives are $5 USD now!!?? Collecting recipes… share yours if you’d like! And stay tuned!



(also part of the wordpress photo challenge)

7 thoughts on “updates: orange & green!”

  1. Love the orange fabric! Ribbons does look much prettier instead of the usual stay tape or clear elastic. Looking forward to seeing the ensemble all finishing…soon? And the PJs 😀

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    1. Thank you, ma’am! Am hoping to get both finished this week… depending on what other problems they can throw at me. 😉 You off nights yet?


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