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Found another reference to another type of insulation we can use in sewing, then located 2 sites, here and here, that offer both insulations, and a list of what each one allows. Who sez home sewers can’t keep up with RTW!

Weather here continues to be rotten, so I’ve continued with more baking than sewing. Why?, you may ask. Because the kitchen gets warmer than anywhere else, particularly when the oven’s cranked up to 400℉.

Today I decided to bake something I’ve wanted to try for donkey’s years: crackers (crisps?). With my brand new food scale, I chose a recipe from Titli’s site here.

They turned out quite well, if I say it meself. I took my time with them, this being a first-time bake, and managed to make a fairly enjoyable process out of it (considering I generally don’t like fiddly processes).

Having just watched the first-ever season of Great British Bake Off shown on this side of the pond, the U.K.’s 6th season, I think I’ve picked up a tip that helped the rolling out process: using cling film to keep sticky dough off the rolling pin. Really worked a treat!

That, plus not using a shaped cutter, cut the prep time. I don’t have any cookie/biscuit cutters right now either, so I just used a knife to cut free-form rectangles. Had to  sit my cooling rack over half the small sink.

Using parchment paper, as Titli suggests, also worked a treat. I rolled out, cut & pricked, then cooled – all on the parchment. Really made clean-up a breeze.

Not much sewing, but I stayed warm this afternoon, and now my cracker/crisps tin is heavy with wholemeal goodies!

But what I’d love to know, from the Bake Off, is this: Does every oven/cooker in the U.K. have a door that slides under & out of the way as those did? Over here, the doors come down smack in front, so you have to reach over them to get anything in or out. Quite inconvenient, particularly in small spaces.


Another post for the rewards photo challenge.

4 thoughts on “more insulation & bake off rewards”

  1. Here on the west side of the big pond my oven door flops open at the front. I had no idea there was such variety in ovens. Clearly I own a very plebeian unit.


    1. My oven is just as plebeian. Check YouTube for some clips from the 6 years it’s been on BBC. You’ll see these smaller ovens/cookers, with a bread proofing drawer underneath. The door to the top seems to pull out & slide between the two… as I recall. They never did a close-up. But I was intrigued!


  2. You are clearly explaining a very posh oven Del 😉 standard UK oven takes weekly weight training to hoick (another UK slang term, kinda opposite to ram!!???) the oven door will open downwards or sideways like a conventional door. Either way I pretty much always aggrivate oven door repetitive strain injury alongside burning myself…. Such is life 😀

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    1. Oye! Understand hoick. but am astounded that your door will also open sideways. Not here – only downwards! We also have that same repetitive stress/weight training exercise upon repeated opening. Thank you sooo much for explaining! xxx


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