3rd time’s the charm

pattern, fabric, seam rippers, directions!

pattern, fabric, seam rippers, directions!

Planning to get these pj bottoms done the second time round, rather than a third. And considering the white stitching a hidden design feature, rather than dwelling on the “real” reason: not wanting to change the serger/overlocker thread.  🙂

You know how it goes. I felt I knew how to put the legs together properly, having done a shorty pair only 6 months ago. Sewed up the four seams, then slipped one leg inside the other for the final seam, and… not right. Would have been stitching front-to-back instead of front-to-front.

Rats. Definitely NOT a design feature. Had to dig out the directions after all, and unpick all four side seams. Am waiting for a really clear head to put them together again.

Hopefully, not a third time.

lightly browned

lightly browned & in the bickie tin

However, considering this third batch of rock cakes… Made Friday, but not destined to last a fortnight, they’re definitely edible, but me thinks far too cakey for real rock buns.

Converting recipes from weight to measurements doesn’t seem to be working in this case. I had to add almost 1/2 cup of milk to get a dough instead of flour.  Next step is to check out scales.

A friend across the pond is eager to surprise a visitor with real American cooking, so have advised they get a set of American measures. Am definitely thinking I need to do the opposite to really get British recipes right.

And being rather eager to try out a few from this site, the sooner that scale gets acquired, the better. 3rd batch rock cakes


2 thoughts on “3rd time’s the charm

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Oh, aren’t you sweet for offering! They should be easy enough to find. It’s just a matter of the temps getting above single digits so it’s bearable getting out to the shops to look them over. Are there any features I should avoid? Or look for? I seem to remember that being able to see the reading whilst actually having something on the scale is important! Thanks again for asking! xx
      PD/ Still waiting for that list…


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