bell, book, and ca… crochet

Spent last night finishing a little blue rayon scarf, and beginning, again, a silk/wool yarn I’d unraveled from a shawl I’d (not) been knitting for several years, while watching Bell, Book, and Candle with Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novac, and a slew of colourful characters, including that ever-delightful cat whose name I cannot spell. Is it Py, Pi…

I digress. But that’s similar to my day thus far. Do any of you ever have the same feeling?

An extra day off isn’t going to be wasted by playing in a (very cold) snow drift! A glance to be certain the electricity’s still working, then up and cooking brunch whilst planning what else to cook.

Two large potatoes are sitting out to be microwaved (now done and cooling), and only two small apples left from my pile of apples & oranges. But ~ there are packets of dried apricots and prunes. What about stewing them briefly in the microwave, with some ginger!

Apricots also now cooling. Will await a taste before doing any prunes. (Later~ Decided to add more water and ginger, and cook again for more thick juice. Even later – still not enough ginger.)

You see? Lots of little things to do, such as washing up dishes, and putting a small load of clothes in the washer. All needing 2-to-3 minutes attention, but nothing to be continually watched. Am I the only one that does this

Phew! Sitting again, in front of the computer, able to type a bit, and enjoy a rock cake with a fresh cuppa. Last week’s batch turned out quite differently from the previous, quite solid batch.

After re-reading directions on how to make self-rising flour from all purpose flour, I realized I needed to include some leavening, but wrote Tablespoons instead of teaspoons. Realized the error after the batch was baked, but they’re still quite edible. Seems there’s a surprise each time I mix up this recipe, but they continue to tste excellent, and so I’ll continue trying to get that recipe right.

Am now thinking I should put up the dosh to purchase a scale to weigh ingredients. Then I wouldn’t have to tie up brain power with conversions, and could simply bake.

Bake. That reminds me of my new favourite weekend import. (Thank you, BBC, for refusing to allow anyone to mess with your already-proven recipe. Now please do the same with your sewing programme so I can  stop feeling guilty whilst watching youtube copies.)

There’s the clothes ready for the dryer, so I’m off again. Hope you’re comfy, everyone!

have a bickie & a cuppa!

have a bickie & a cuppa!


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