there’s ordinary fleece, and there’s …

all samples purchased from the rain shed, and i can easily feel & see the differences!




For years, the difference has been clear to me. Every time I pull on my RTW faux suede winter coat I remember and appreciate the difference, doubly when I throw it in the washer.

In my experience, the place to really be spoilt for choice is The Rain Shed, in Oregon. As I’ve been exploring more and more on their site, I’ve ordered several samples of Lycra fleece, wondering if making my own leggings might be more comfortable (warmer) than RTW. Which I don’t wear because by the time it’s warm enough, I don’t need them. If that makes sense.

Drat. My wrist is still bothering me, so that’s all my typing for today.

Go check them out for more weights of fleece than you can possibly imagine! (And really nice customer service people, too.)