minimalist pins

Inviting your suggestions: Is this a good combination?

I can’t decide. Have never worn it, was thinking to sell it, but for some reason it remains.

orange cotton knit soon-to-be tee too formal?
orange cotton knit
soon-to-be tee
too formal?

Ailsa’s original post.

More minimalism.

4 thoughts on “minimalist pins”

  1. Thank you, Anne! I forget about coat lapels, partly because my usual winter coat doesn’t have any. Hm. Might have to remedy that… There’s a thrifted black Italian wool coat hanging in my closet… (crafty grin!)

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  2. Wear it on your coat lapel, that’s where I place my sparkly vintage brooches. I do love it though, and the colours work well, even if the brooch doesn’t go with the tee.


  3. I think your instinct is right – the pin is very formal while the orange tee is casual. I think there’s probably a better combination.


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