holiday packages

Received, amongst yesterday’s mail, this lovely package of fabric from Jess, of Jessthetics.

Love her packaging and using a stamp to decorate the tissue. She’s so creative with packaging and recycling!

Remember this post? Jess had written that she loved the fabric I wasn’t keen about, so we swapped!

Am thinking the knit she sent might do for one of the Style Arc sweater patterns… My new-to-me fabric has 1-way stretch, and is heavier than the sample fabric Style Arc attaches – so helpful for them to do that!

Laura jacket


Fiona top


Will cogitate a bit more, and crochet some more ickle hearts.

Love crochet for a good thinking through something else.

Anybody else?

2 thoughts on “holiday packages”

  1. I love a happy ending!
    I think the fiona cardigan would show the contrasting wrong side ‘just’ enough. Its similar to the julia cardigan in the last perfect pattern parcel. Ive recently made it and its lovely ✂️😀✂️


    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion! It was possibly reading your post that put the idea subliminally into thought. You did a great job!

      Must say the wrong side is rather less soft that the right side. Would want/need to line at least the sleeves, for getting more comfortably into and out of sweater-type garments. Complete lining, eliminating seeing the wrong side completely, would eliminate that problem more thoroughly. But I never quite know what fabric to line a knit with; something that has crossways stretch, but doesn’t contribute to static cling. Any ideas?


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