weekly photo challenge: converge: quilt patterns

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Con*verge“, v. i. …[Pref. con– + L. vergere to turn, incline… ] To tend to one point; to incline and approach nearer together; as, lines converge.

Nothing reminds me of converge more than old quilt patterns. Which is why I’ve never been interested in trying to quilt meself! Cutting out all those ickly bitty pieces and trying to make them all converge at the middle isn’t my idea of fun.

 But several ideas did converge in my acquiring this book.

  • I love libraries and books
  • Our local libraries receive used books and then re-sell them at extremely modest prices
  • The above volume, by my fav vintage author, Ms. Picken, was $1 – you cannot beat that price

Convergent shopping, anyone?


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More photos here.


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