it all came out in the wash*

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Got my frabjus fabric laundered on Saturday, all on its lonesome, and hung over the shower to dry. Samantha, who gifted it to me, said it softens afterward, and she was right.

Taking another hint from her, I overlocked the raw edges beforehand, and that worked a treat. Everything held together nicely with a normal 3mm stitch.

Samantha also send 2 photos of the tag that came with the fabric. A tag?!

Saturday night I decided to see if there was anything about the company on-line. Here’s what I found ~

First, from Grace’s Guide, the “leading source of historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain.” Do click over and you’ll also see 2 adverts, one (1931) touting the Herculean strength of Hoyle’s sheets and pillowcases.

Joshua Hoyle and Sons

  • “of Bridgewater Mill, Bridgewater Street / Hart Street, Blackburn, Lancs.”
  • “Built by Thomas Hart (1861-2) cotton spinner. The last mill to be built for the sole purpose of spinning. In 1877 taken over by D. and W. Taylor, becoming John Taylor (Blackburn) Ltd (1893-1939) branch of Joshua Hoyle and Sons (Burnley) Ltd who was the last proprietor when the mill closed in 1959. Demolished in 1962-3. Had 35,208 ring spindles.”
  • “The former warehouse of Joshua Hoyle and Sons stood derelict for many years until it was converted and extended and opened as the Malmaison Hotel in 1998”

And ~

  • Photos of the former warehouse transformed into the Malmaison Hotel here.
  • Wikipedia mentions the family business here.

All in all, this ickly bit of fabric that’s crossed the Atlantic decades after being woven is already quite interesting, and it hasn’t been sewn or worn yet.


*Pulled your leg a bit? It’s Monday, and we all wish it wasn’t!

❤ ❤ ❤

(keep trying to make these red, but they just won’t go… pretend, pretty please)


4 thoughts on “it all came out in the wash*

  1. oursewingpatch

    I just looked at the links here Dellis and it made me smile that Isaac son of Joshua ended his days in very affluent Surrey! The North South divide in England is a long establish thing so for him to make his money and political success in the North, true industrial north at that he ends up with soft southerners in Surrey. Think his Father would spin in his grave 🙂

    I love the picture of the hotel in Manchester too, they have kept that beautiful Victorian facade. We have such beautiful architecture here but we don’t realise how lucky we are, taking it for granted. I feel inspired to get out with the camera that isn’t mine and take photos….. I know I won’t have to look far for buildings that are hundreds of years old. Mmmmm could become a post in a week or so 😉

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you sooo much for writing about that north/south divide, which I knew nothing about. Agree that his dear Da might have been very surprised!
      Oh, yes! Do get out with the camera that isn’t yours and do more architecture photos. Would love to see more from your area, inside or out!


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