2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: cover art (for a short story)”

  1. Dear friend, thank you SOOO much for adding the historic details, which are so interesting to so many of us!
    Think this might end up as another page. Will see what germinates in the wee grey cells!
    (Is the hat what you went searching throughout the house for, and finally located in the Full Closet?)


  2. The printed fabric is a Walthamstow purchase, yep one of my many gazillions! The buttons (green pnes and clear glass ones) are from the ancient stash from Malta as is the vintage lace so we know they have to be at the very least 50 years old but way older for sure given the Art Deco theme for lace.

    The floral weave is the 1940’s fabric I found on the tinternet and the Kangol , well at a guess 1970’s???? Was a purchase from a rather swanky charity shop in North London donkeys years ago, came across it and thought PERFECT!

    Having just listed all that Ive realised i must look like a right old tight wad! Nothing new 🙂

    In my defence dear reader, Dellis and me…. We kinda understand each others fascination with beautiful old things 😉 xxxxx


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