how to tea dye fabric

Remember these smarty pants? I always felt the white was too white, and knew sooner or later they were gonna get tea dyed. Done!

Here are the very rough, not-to-measure anything! steps to follow… click to start the slide show.

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No, I don’t measure the water or vinegar, and only determine number of Lipton tea bags to use after considering how large the fabric is, and how dark I’d like it to be.

You can let it sit, or swish for a minute or two, then rinse. It’s all up to you.

Does anybody else do this? Or am I the only crazy?  🙂

5 thoughts on “how to tea dye fabric”

  1. Hi, Tanya!

    Realized I forgot to explain that vinegar – it sets the dye!

    Learned that long ago from folks at my fav-but-closed Saratoga fabric store.
    They suggested it as a way to stop a fabric from bleeding.
    Guess at some point I remembered, and applied it to tea dyeing.

    Your wedding veil – Wow! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. I think I’ve only tea dyed paper and my wedding veil, which was English cotton net. Didn’t know I needed to put vinegar in it! That’s good to know as I’ve been planning on tea dyeing some eyelet.


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