weekend voyage of re-discovery

gifts from Samantha

gifted red hearts from Samantha
black beads from stash
new bracelet!

Columbus Day is celebrated in a number of different ways in several countries, according to Wikipedia.  Even within the United States, there are states and/or cities that have chosen to celebrate other traditions.

Designated a legal holiday in the U.S., many libraries and other county/state facilities remain open. But many governments, do observe the date in some manner.

Traditionally observed on October 12, it has changed to the second Monday in October. There’s been controversy surrounding it; however, the Wiki article explains quite a bit.

This weekend I had a meeting involving plenty of re-discovery. Once home, the urge didn’t leave. Enter beads gifted by Samantha, and remembering where all my jewellery bits & bobs were stashed.

Whatever you’re doing today, wherever you are, I hope it’s happy & productive, and that the spirit of discovery remains alive in everyone’s heart.


undecided about asymmetrical black bead groupings
what do you think???


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