sort of a caftan


a quick couple of seams & a neckline finished this caftan
rayon stashed since california days
not certain i like this form – rayon is heavier & textured
possibly another iteration to come!

Things have been quiet on the blog!  Am working on my annual October (non-sewing) projects more & more, but keeping up with blog reading & writing so far.  Expect that will shift in another week …     🙂

Last week I read the library’s copy of Elegance, by Kathleen Tessaro, as recommended by The Vintage Traveler Lizzie here.

After reading about half the Tessaro book, I became more interested in reading the original volume, A Guide to Elegance, by Dariaux* , which Tessaro quotes at the beginning of every chapter.  So I ordered the Dariaux today.

Sure hope it arrives whilst there’s time to look through it!

*   “A complete guide for every woman who wants to be well and properly dressed on all occasions” Genevieve Antoine Dariaux (1964)


4 thoughts on “sort of a caftan

  1. oursewingpatch

    I love kaftans, mum in law introduced me ( she a young lady of the 1960’s) so comfy for the house but i have seen some fantabulous posh ones about in our high street shops lately, guess they must be the rage again!? X


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