weekly photo challenge: humanity

tapestry from collection
Art Institute of Chicago
taken in extreme low light conditions
please forgive blurriness

I don’t write much about humanity, in regard to sewing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about the state of the world, and my own clothing’s place in it.

The conditions of people actually making the textiles, as well as the clothing, have rightly received publicity, but there’s not been too much yet about up-cycling.

Sewers from other parts of the world regularly report on fabric, patterns, and haberdashery they’ve found in thrift shops, but I’ve not had that experience.

Is it only because I’ve been so close to large cities, in metropolitan areas?  But shouldn’t that mean I should find more, rather than less?

As I get my own wardrobe increasingly under control and re-suited to current environments, I can’t help contemplating sewing, fabric and clothing in much broader terms.

As in what’s the impact on the environments from whence these materials come from?

And the impact on the world’ environment of all the fast fashion currently so popular?

HUMAN”ITY, n. [L. humanitas.] 1. The peculiar nature of man… 2. Mankind collectively; the human race.

These 2 articles, from Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler, might shed more light on these areas.


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2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: humanity”

  1. I guess I’m lucky because there are a couple of charity shops at home with fabric bins that I visit regularly! Buying new but eco friendly fabric is not really an option for me because it’s so expensive. It’s great that you’re thinking about these things! xx


    1. Eco friendly fabrics are expensive here, too, Jess. If ever I visit ol’ Blighty, and Edinburgh, I’m locating nearest postal services, to mail lots of goodies back home, and will check with you on where to go! del xx


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