from the weekend . . .

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Did a bit of sewing, but not too much.  Hit a bit of a puzzle:  How to use the crochet bits from these two ancient pillowcases?

Do note the scalloped edge and how thoroughly it’s sewn into place… would love not to have to un-pick that.



2 thoughts on “from the weekend . . .

  1. jessthetics

    I think the crochet would look gorgeous on the ends of some sleeves, or on the hem of a dress! I also love the fabric that you’re using for your table topper, it’s so pretty and colourful 🙂

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank for those suggestions, Jess! I’d never have thought of sleeves for the crochet, which might work as there are two, but they’re not very long bits… Now, can visualise a way to cut them with some selvage to save all that unpicking, too!

      That topper is a good vintage piece from 15 (?) years ago in California… maybe from a local Beverly’s, which is on-line now. I loved the colours, too, but fabric was too stiff for clothing. A topper was the next best thing I could think of.

      del xx


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