taking care of your woolie

30% viscose & 70% wool<br>should be safe to wash...

30% viscose & 70% wool
should be safe to wash…

A lovely note from Jessica in Edinburgh reminded me that it’s time to begin thinking about woolies again.   Not that I stop…   for too long.  he-he!

Somehow, today’s moderate 80’s F. makes that thought more bearable than if it were in the 90’s.  As long as that humidity doesn’t creep in.

Trying to keep thought above mere weather, her note reminded me of 2 wool skirts acquired last October from a thrift shop.

Uncertain how to care for them, but wanting to get the musty smell out, I plopped them into my machine’s cold & gentle water cycle, then hung them up to air dry.

no, LOL, that's not my size, but useful fabric for other things...

no, LOL, that’s not my size, but useful fabric for other things…

Don’t think they shrank (is it shrink, shrank, shrunk?) in the least, and they didn’t felt up.  But I’d resolved that no matter what, it would be good experience.  And that smell would be gone.

The New Zealand merino jersey wools currently awaiting slightly cooler temps & lower humidity for their initial wash ‘n dry are all machine washable/air dry.  Ya-hoo!

Is it me, or do lots of people have difficulty finding places for things to lie flat to dry?!


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