labor day…

vintage silk kimono

vintage silk kimono

how to hand-wash silk
I haven’t dry-cleaned silk in ages.  Just hand-wash it in cold water.  But don’t bung it in the dryer, even on low.  No way!

If you want to iron it straight away, and it’s a relatively small piece, wrap it in a towel to get rid of the excess moisture.

If it’s a large piece, particularly if it tends to bleed colour, such as this hand-dyed silk kimono, consider hanging it up to dry.  Then, if you can remember to catch it before it’s bone dry, iron with steam on the wrong side.

If you don’t catch it, sprinkle liberally with water, put it in a (clean!) plastic bag so the humidity gets into the entire garment, and then iron on the wrong side.

Why I was washing it out on Labor Day is another story.  There was a vacuum cleaner. . . and that’s all I’m saying.




2 thoughts on “labor day…

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Oh, my! Now you can handle most or all of your silks. On to those woolens… I’m learning there are many that also can be washed. But again, don’t put into a dryer – hang dry or lay flat to dry. Do you have an older relative to ask what they did in the 50’s? I have a lovely aunt I ask such questions. Sometimes she doesn’t remember, but sometimes she does. Good luck with your pile!


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