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Being reminded of a certain dress neckline that’s too large and has troubled me since making it, I decided to try out some of the suggestions I’d bravely given, in an attempt to take my own advice.

I tried on the over-the-head problem dress and finger-measured about how much to take in that gaping neckline.  Guessed it would be about 2 inches, all the way round.

Hoping for once I was guess-timating rightly, I pinned in 4 equi-distanced finger tucks, two in front and two in back.  Note that I got out my special safety-pin pin cushion.

I didn’t want to get stuck by pins when pulling the dress on or off.  Even worse would have been loosing a pin. Where would it go? Would I find it only after stepping on it?  Sitting on it?  The opportunities seemed endless, and painful.  So I took the itsy extra step to use safety pins. Glad I did.  (No problems, they were fine.)

All the sewing gods & goddesses were smiling, and the quick fix seemed fine.  There were four little pleats, front and rear sets pleated toward the centre.

I was feeling pretty cocky about now, because everything had worked out so well thus far.  Well . . . . .

You’d think after sewing down so many pleats in all my summer dresses that these would be easy.  I certainly thought it would be the easiest part of the project.  No. The second pleat, in the front, went wonky.  And I had too much angst to unpick it and do it right.  Neeext idea?

BUTTONS!  I love them.  I love playing with them, looking through them, trying different colours… that sounded like a fun extra/next step.

Perfect!  Not only did I find two shiny ones, but I think they mirror the record disk that’s centered (more or less) between them.

Ta-da!  One job completed, tested by wearing, and definitely approved of!

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  1. Great save of a cute dress! I just took my problem neckline in last night…well…started taking it in. My teeny tiny pleatettes (too small to really dub them pleats) also rebelled. I will probably finish sewing the facing back in and the little button closure on (also removed that unnecessary zipper!) tonight. Hope it works!! Whether it does or not, I’m wearin’ that thing!!


    1. Atta gal – wear it proudly! I thought it was you I’d had this discussion with, but couldn’t locate our convo, so didn’t list you. So glad you’ve written, and are working on your neckline. Thank you!

      By the way, my little finger pleats were about 1/4″, with the fold doubling that to 1/2″ for each pleat. I like the effect, in this instance, and didn’t have a facing to worry with. (I’d cheated and just used rayon seam binding – don’t tell on me!)

      Hope you’re just as pleased with yours!

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