weekly photo challenge: fray

Such a gift!  Thank you, WordPress Photo Gurus!  Just what I’ve had hanging at my elbow for several days, and am about ready to tackle: mending a bit of frayed fabric!  Once more into the mind of a sewer!

FRAY, n. [L. fractura, from frango, frico.] 1. A boil, quarrel or violent riot… This is the vulgar word for affray… 2. A combat… 3. contention… 4. A rub; a fret or chafe in cloth...  from the 1828 dictionary, down at the bottom of the linked page

As I hope the photos illustrate, there are different kinds of fraying, and some cannot be avoided in certain kinds of cloth, like denim.   Ever wonder why the jeans are so stitched up around seams?   Anyone remember the fad for cutoff jeans, and how they frayed so nicely at the cut-off point?   ‘Nuff said.

There’s also fraying-that-becomes-fringe, as a decorative element.  Chanel used this sometimes, as part of her iconic jacket styling.  It’s also seen a great deal in wool scarves, and other fine woolen garments… wool can fray so nicely, and create a soft addition that still lends warmth to the garment.

More comments on fraying, Dear Sewing Readers?

Original WordPress post is here.

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