stashed mystery rayon

I’ve had some dark green rayon that’s been stashed since my golden age of California fabrics in the late 90’s.  Why?  It’s crinkled. Really crinkled.

So much crinkled that if I ironed the 40ish-inch width, it would easily be 45.  I didn’t feel that was quite the thing to do, couldn’t decide on a pattern, nor how to lay it out & account for that crinkle.  So . . .  the great green sat in stash.

Enter yesterday’s chocolate silk, tagged silk yoryu.  When ordering it I’d asked Brooke, the wonderful manager at The Fabric Store, what yoryu meant. She told me it was crinkled, and great for travelling because it doesn’t wrinkle so badly.

A-ha!, I thought to myself, maybe that’s what that green rayon is.  Let’s see when the chocolate arrives…

just a reminder, in black & white, so you can really see the yoryu in the chocolate silk

just a reminder, in black & white, so you can really see the yoryu in the chocolate silk

Another call to Brooke yesterday, after silk’s arrival & laundering, confirmed it, and she gave me some suggestions for how to lay out patterns.  Thank you again, Brooke!

Yoryu is a term that indicates a lengthwise, permanent crinkle woven into a fabric.

Thus, another of Life’s little mysteries is solved, and I’m closer to actually USING this green rayon.



2 thoughts on “stashed mystery rayon

  1. Amanda

    Thanks for that interesting fact! So when I next see the word I will be saying……oh I’ve heard that word before, now what did it mean?’ Haha

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      When you see it, you’ll recognize it, even if you can’t remember the word! I know I will now… but yoryu isn’t a term that springs easily to mind… at least not to mine. 🙂


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