doin’ laundry

Actually yesterday & today’s bits of new fabric!

As soon as I unwrapped that chocolate silk it went into a basin, and was hand washed & hung in the shower.  I absolutely love it!  Have 2 yards and originally thought it would make nice lingerie.  But now that it’s in hand, realize it might be a little too stiff, so will ponder some more.

This morning I got busy with my next two favourites: the luscious golds that’ll brighten up rainy days.  Have a yard of each, and again, not too specific about how I’ll use them.

The silk-cotton stripe is gossamer, whilst the rayon matches one of the stripes in the silk-rayon.  They could easily be worn together.  Another set of possibilities to ponder, whilst getting busy with late summer dresses.  🙂


11 thoughts on “doin’ laundry

  1. Amanda

    Oh I love this wardrobe palette! I have gone for navy this autumn, so am sewing a navy trench coat next, and then hoping to add a few dresses to complement it. I have new shoes! Haha . I think I need navy boots!!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you, Amanda!
      And have fun with your own wardrobe – navy sounds lovely & can be accented so many ways! – will be interested to see what you do for that trench coat. I really should have something along those lines myself… what pattern will you use, if you don’t mind telling? Definitely do those navy boots!

      1. Amanda

        Remember my lace trench coat..the best thing I ever made? Well I am using that pattern it is a Burda one. And I have seen a photo of Dita Von Teese in an emerald green trench coat with a bow on it where the trench coat flap is supposed to be. If that makes sense? I have cream paisley lining for it. In my head it will be fabulous! Haha

        1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

          Oh, thank you so much for all your details, Amanda! Sounds like it will be divine! And yes, I do remember your lace coat – and will look it up to see which Burda it is. Do hope it’s not a magazine, as I have such difficulty finding them anywhere over here, and am too spoilt by too many years of not tracing the outline to subscribe. (Sheer lasziness, which is only 1 of many faults!) xx del

          1. Amanda

            I have it out…. It is burdastyle 7237 it is an actual pattern not the mag! That tracing!!!???? Hats off to you!! Lol

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