weekly photo challenge: silhouette

Sil`hou*ette“, n. [F.; — so called from Etienne de Silhoutte, a French minister of finance in 1759, whose diversion it was to make such portraits on the walls of his apartments.] A representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color…

Interesting definition from the 1913 dictionary, isn’t it?  How to illustrate this in sewing… flummoxing! . . . but let me lure you into the mind of a sewer  .   .   .   .   .



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Sewers are obsessed, generally, with detail, and we can see that detail much better in an outline format, as shown in these 2 examples.  I positioned the colour examples at the end of each set so you might get used to the somewhat lack of detail in the black & white versions, and then be properly surprised when you view the colour.

Were you?!

I know these aren’t proper silhouettes, but we just don’t deal very much with them in sewing.  Oh!  Light bulb moment: If you’re thinking . . .   these are from Emma One Sock & you can click the piccie to go directly to the fabric on her site.






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Other photos over here…


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