tis the season: ginger + peaches

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Thought I might share this quicky recipe to jazz up peaches, even when it’s not been a great harvest.

Either stove top (as I did) or microwave (use glass or plastic)

I’ve done this with unripe peaches, mushy peaches (cut off the bad spots), wrinkled peaches (i.e., getting dried out)

  • Slice your peaches as you choose
  • Put in a bowl or pan, depending on where you’re cooking them
  • Add ginger (I used powdered, but freshly grated or candied would also work) to taste
  • I don’t add sugar, as a rule, but you add it you like it

For stove top method, add a bit of water so peaches don’t stick
Let the peaches cook & the water mostly boil away, until there’s thick syrup left

Either eat right away, or…
Allow to cool before placing in storage container & refrigerating

You’re done!

This can also be used as the filling for a pie or with a cobbler topping, but you still need to pre-cook the peach mixture.  You’re on your own for those recipes, as I don’t care for crusts.

7 thoughts on “tis the season: ginger + peaches”

  1. Just read your all-too-brief account of your ramble of yesterday, Lovely One.
    FABulus ! ! ! Golly, wish I’d been there with you all. . . with me little cart.
    🙂 All the better to shop with!
    xxxxxxx to you all!


  2. Sure, I’m using honey and will add according to the sweetness of the peaches. I will add less if peaches are rich and ripe 🙂


  3. Yes, I’d use honey if I sweetened with anything! (Don’t care for cane sugary taste in anything.) Taste your peaches and decide what you like, especially if your peaches aren’t ripe. Add a little at a time. You can always add more. It’s getting rid of too much that’s problematic.

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