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terrible shade to try to get right on-screen! and not my fav colour, either!  what to dooooo...
terrible shade to try to get right on-screen! and not my fav colour, either! what to dooooo…

Here’s that cotton jersey mentioned earlier in the week in some comments – the one with the “tinternet” colour problem!  It’s a lovely soft fabric, but I don’t care for the colour.  So am thinking a skirt, with a blouse of something mustardy that matches that part of the tiny figure, which is kinda cute.

Or maybe the Style Arc dress pattern (below) with mustard top & sleeves, and the purpley fabric as the body of the dress?  Brooke, dear person & manager of The Fabric Store-LA, has pulled together some samples, including some mustards.  Can’t wait for them to arrive!

What do you all think about a not-my-colour fabric, Lovely & Experienced Readers?  Ever had a similar quandary?  What did you do?!

Thinking Winter wardrobe, I acquired these patterns from Style Arc, in Melbourne – city of Phryne Fisher/Corinna Chapman & their author Kerry Greenwood.  I do love my 2 long skirts from last Winter, but need a few more pieces, and am hoping to add greens, which are sparse. Ummm…

Watched an old Avengers on a retro telly station, and couldn’t believe what I saw – Emma Peel, wearing a mid-thigh woven variation of Papercut‘s Circle Top!  Hers was more a cape that closed diagonally off-centre, with the volume belted/buttoned front & back, so she could do some judo without the back swinging round to meet her when she twirled.  Will feel quite retro this Winter whilst wearing a jersey version… if only I had her figure!    🙂

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  1. I really have a hard time with fabrics in colors I don’t care about. I’ve left behind many, many yards of wonderful stuff because of color. But since you already have it, I’d go with a skirt.


  2. YES too many times the much awaited fabric has arrived and not been as I had expected. Not as brave as thee, mine hits the bottom of the stash drawer awaiting divine intervention 🙂 x


            1. I’ve looked everywhere and I’ve waited for it to come through, and I still can’t find it! So sorry, I’m sure I’m doing something stupid. How about you give me your email, I’ll message you and you can reply to that? xx


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