weekly photo challenge: texture

What better way to wind of this unofficial week of fabrics from The Fabric Store than to focus on the warp & weft – the texture – of each fabric, along with those outstanding colour patterns.


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Remember this is from a 1913 edition dictionary. Such a gift for this fabric lover to photograph!

Tex”ture, n. [L. textura, fr. texere, textum, to weave…] 1. The act or art of weaving.  2. That which woven; a woven fabric; a web… 3. The disposition or connection of threads, filaments, or other slender bodies, interwoven; as, the texture of cloth or of a spider’s web.


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Other photos over here…

4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: texture”

      1. I just went over there and took a look around…and drooled all over my computer screen. Gotta go clean it off now so I can see. I didn’t see the same print like here in your post, but there are some beauties there!!


        1. It might still be there – can’t judge by photos online as they don’t do things that way. You can email them, list date & item from my site, and they’ll know what you’re talking about.

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