weekly photo challenge: zigzag

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Zig”zag` (?), n.[F. zigzag, G. zickzack, from zacke, zacken, a dentil, tooth.] Something that has short turns or angles.

Am resisting the urge to show all sorts of coloured threads using the various zigzag stitches on my sewing machine…

Having received my Christmas in July package from The Fabric Store  ~  New Zealand’s Los Angeles outpost, 2 samples immediately sprang to mind. Am starting to think Transitional, which is why there are so many wool jerseys.  These are very soft, what I’d call tissue weight jerseys.  Heavier wools to come in 4-8 weeks.

A couple of quick piccies of the above swatches, and you can enjoy them, too. Along with the complete sets of free swatches & their fibre content, width & price.

Oh.  You know they’re having a 30% off sale on all fabrics, right?  And their number for phone orders is (323) 931-8300. Have fun, fabric lovers!

More on the shipment soon…   🙂

Original WordPress post is here.

Travel photo challenge here, another zigzag here.


2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: zigzag”

  1. I love New Zealand! I love the weave on your fabric too..reminded me of Arabic zig-zag weaves in red /white/black traditional colours. Can I think of more weaves ? On Maori baskets in New Zealand..


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