weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

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Sum”mer, n. [OE. sumer…] The season of the year in which the sun shines most directly upon any region; the warmest period of the year.

Summer’s been the most difficult season for me to sew for. (Sorry about the grammar!)  Until last summer.   Inspired whilst doing some late spring pattern shopping with my pal, Karen, I bought some summery styles, then made up 2 of them mid-season.

Low and behold, I wore them.  Lots.  And this summer have made more.  And am wearing them all.  Wa-hooo!

Along the way have come to grips with some old thinking: you shouldn’t make the same thing twice.  Have learned and begun practicing TNT: Tried & True patterns.  Ahhhh!

Now should push meself to try out another pattern or two….



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2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’”

  1. Your summery fabric is so pretty! I really love the orangey pinky one. I’m glad you’ve been wearing a lot of your own makes this summer, I need to sew more so I can do that too! xx


    1. Thank you, Jess! That fabric has been in stash for some years, awaiting just the right pattern.
      I’m enjoying seeing the exotic-to-me places you’ve been visiting lately!
      xx del


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