a funny thing happened on the way to christmas in july

coming soooooonnn . . . .
a cotton knit coming soooooonnn . . . .

Remember the great anticipation of this post?  You haven’t heard or seen anything since because UPS, the delivery company people love to hate, made a big boo-boo with my order.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is the folks in The Fabric Store’s Auckland HQ & the LA store couldn’t be nicer to work with when it comes to problems.

So my holiday is postponed a bit, awaiting resolution with UPS.

After all, fabric isn’t a widget that can be restocked when it’s returned, whilst a duplicate widget is sent out right away.  A wee bit diffy to re-weave fabric back onto the bolt.

So let’s all sit back, have another cuppa, and dream some more about what everything can become when it arrives.  Meanwhile, we all know those wools are getting closer and closer, and so are cooler temperatures.

I can’t wait.  How about you?

12 thoughts on “a funny thing happened on the way to christmas in july”

  1. Hello again! Don’t interrupt your sewing! Have meant to get back to you about contacting that fabric store… never received a return message. So never bought that fabric, as I’d had questions about it. And have now shopped elsewhere. However, will keep them in mind… Thank you for your kind offer!


  2. Oh, yeeeees!
    And it’s just arrived, with all sorts of things popping onto the blog starting today.
    Fabric therapy – the best kind!


  3. Oh fabulous! I was thinking of you earlier as on their Facebook page there is a new big ad about international shipping! Maybe you spurred them into it! Hope my 20% off code still applies tho! It is SEWDEPUTY. What will you sew??


  4. Thank you for being so gracious, Amanda! You spurred me to do my homework, looking closer at their customer info. They give shipping rates, and there’s a spot to email questions, so I did. Got enmeshed last night with this fabric, and as the pattern only needs a teensy 1.5 metres, am hoping a small Royal Mail charge would suffice. Aren’t they gorgeous Autumnal colours?! Would look a treat with my (bottle) red hair in August & September, & often October, too, when we’ve still got heat!


  5. I have a lovely contact called Lisa so I would email and ask her. If you say you have seen their fabulous material….they are a very accommodating company! You could always ask on their Facebook page too,!?!


  6. Thank you, Amanda! Just having a bit more patience… and remembering there’s all of August’s and probably September’s heat & humidity to enjoy those cotton knits & linens. Next summer they’ll be that much newer when pulled out. Meanwhile I was admiring your Leeds Lace Dress last night, then took a look at your sourced fabric store, Whitetree Fabrics. Wonder if they accept overseas orders… 😉


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