weekly photo challenge: room

Let’s talk about clothing for hot, humid summer day wear.  As in room to be comfortable.
(with thanks for the suggestion from me Sydney-sider mate!)

Vogue 1236

Vogue 1236

Room, n. [… prob. to L. rus country … wide, free, open; ravan a plain.]  Unobstructed space…

I’m about to make my 3rd, and possibly 4th, versions of DKNY Vogue 1236 (left), with maybe one or two more knits out of a lengthened #B from Butterick 5432 (below).

Why, or why didn’t I do this last summer, as soon as I’d made the first versions and wore them continually?!

Butterick 5432

Butterick 5432

Simple. I very mistakenly thought I should be doing different styles, mixing and matching.  Never gave a thought to the concept of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

With thanks to Kerry Greenwood’s couture maven, Phryne Fisher,  who’s always donning a cool cotton or silk shift in 1920’s Melbourne summer heat, I’m finally allowing del to do the same.

Nothing restrictive in summer.  And nothing that requires restrictive underpinnings either.  No belts, no fitted anything anywhere!

Phew!  I feel sooo much better. . .

What makes you feel comfortable when it’s 100 degrees F+100% humidity?!



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