travel theme: unexpected (upcycling discovery)

Don’t often have Ailsa’s themes here, but this seemed made to order!

About 6 months ago I visited a local thrift shop, hoping to find some large sizes of clothing I could cut up for fabric.  Instead, I was immediately attracted to quite different items, and what unexpected surprises I’ve found linking them into my summer wardrobe!

Last autumn, I found some great warmer weather blouses, plus skirts that became fabric for stash, as well as winter wear.  Now it’s hot enough to start using the warm weather purchases, and I’m having fun coordinating.  A huge change from 12 months ago!

Two great finds were a couple of linen shirts – a khaki Caribbean Joe camp shirt, and a 3/4-length sleeved multitude of beigey browns – in perfect condition.  The green is definitely a summer shirt, and has already been worn numerous times, as it pairs nicely with most of my green wardrobe. The beigey brown has been quite useful on cool days when longer sleeves are needed, and the neutral shades can be worn with most anything.  More on that come cooler weather.

Ne-vah would have guessed these two blouses would be so handy.  Lately, I went back to the same shop, and found another great bunch of items, but more about them later.

❤  ❤  ❤  Giant high five for thrift shops!   ❤  ❤  ❤

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    1. Oh, yes! I also wonder how far things have traveled, in miles and months, before their arrival.
      What stories they might tell!


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