rainy end-of-may dress

Decided to tackle some rayon jersey, in the stash for almost a year.  I’ve 2 pieces, and pulled out the smaller, planning to make a sleeveless tank, but it’s super width allowed an extension into an A-line dress.  Yeah – who woulda guessed!

The pattern (Butterick 5432, 2009) was just a front and back – easy-peasy on a lazy day, right?  Except the rayon was super soft and light, and I didn’t intend to faff about refolding it.  So the back got cut with a seam instead of on-the-fold.

Then there were those super wide selvages on both sides, which got chopped off before I overlocked/serged the back seam.  Being super lazy – and not wanting to worry about missing some of the selvage in the back seam – I serged down each back piece to cut off the selvage, then sewed the 2 backs together.  It was faster than trying to cut the filmy fabric!

Something got me started down the road to re-using the selvage in place of clear elastic to reinforce the shoulder seams.  Oh, yeeees… I was too lazy to get up & get it. Lol!  Then I got carried away and used it around the neckline, too.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  The selvage didn’t stretch much in either direction, and made it around the curves nicely.  But I gave up on the arms and simply turned them under before stitching.

I stitched bits of selvage to the shoulder seams, then used the remaining selvage to go round the neck, leaving small gaps where the shoulder seams were already reinforced.  That eliminated bulky layers at the shoulder seams, and used most of the selvage.

The neckline strips were wide enough to allow a good fold over, and then got sewn with a small picot edge. After finishing there was still to much of that selvage, so I carefully trimmed it off, wishing all the while I had a pair of sharp trimming scissors.

No Hand Stitching, and completed that evening.  Was I evah chuffed!

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