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please ignore the under-sofa storage!

Or soft furnishings, if you want a posh term.  I’ve been thinking about pillows lately, for myself and as gifts.

They can be in any mode from humorous to whimsical to vulgar to plebeian.  They can be anywhere, from outer space to the car boot.

They can be tied, tailored, frilled, laced or latticed, and come in all sizes, from minute to gigantic.

They can be stuffed with made-to-standard-size fabrics enclosing poly or feathers (here or here or here), or contain herbs or unwearable rags

You can sew them together, zip them, snap them, wrap them, lace them, or glue them.

Fabric can be found anywhere, from your old tee shirts/jeans to car boot sales to towels to fabric or craft stores.

Want something really unique & personal?  You can print fav photos into fabric on your own or at copy shops (provide your own fabric) or check out spoonflower.com, etc.

You can even buy them.


PS: Bernina has some great examples over here….


2 thoughts on “pillows

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Must tell all that Lovely Lady Samantha sent me the 3 green cushion covers. They’re silk, from Marks & Spencer. Wa-hoooo! I do love ’em!xx


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