weekly photo challenge: perspective

2 examples: a regular shot, then a close-up.
Which one best illustrates each example?

(click any  photo for close-ups)

In January I started making a skirt, just after finishing my jeans skirt, which I wear constantly.

However, this fabric’s way too bulky for elasticating around a waist.  It almost has the napped feeling of corduroy, but it’s not cord.  Still, a nice weight for wearing in Autumn, Winter, or a cool Spring day… plus it’s green and was a remnant.

But it’s now in the UFO pile because I did so much ripping out in January I just got tired.  So I’m thinking:upholstery fabric for skirt

  • a gored skirt?  nah, not enough fabric
  • a-line? possibly, when I have enough energy to tackle it again
  • darted & zipped straight?  likely, when it’s warm enough & I’ve energy enough to try placing darts on myself (not a fav activity at the best of times)

But I did take some shots of putting the casing in, which then got ripped out because it was too wide for the elastic, then it was the wrong part of the fabric, then…  you get the idea!

Maybe what I need is another perspective…

Per*spec”tive, a. [L. perspicere, perspectum, to look through…] 2. Pertaining to the art, or in accordance with the laws, of perspective…

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4 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: perspective”

  1. My guess would be the darts and zipper for this fabric – very pretty, by the way. Right now I only have one actual item in the ufo pile – the rest are loafing in my brain, too lazy to even make it as far as the pile. 😆


  2. The UFO pile. I was just going through mine with very little interest in tackling it soon.

    I look forward to seeing how you finish your skirt.


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