march’s monthly stitch winner

#2 - definitely thinking summery rayon for this one, only open sleeves as they're cooler for me in heat & humidity, if that ever arrives

A HUGE thank you to everyone around the world who participated in my part of the Monthly Stitch March challenge, and the entire challenge as a whole.  It was sooo interesting to see everyone’s choices, and I don’t think there were any duplications.  How’s that for variety, fellow sewers?

In my challenge, one pattern quickly took the lead and remained in the lead ~ the winner… and what I’ll be making this month.  (Final stats below.) As friend Karen calls it, the poet blouse (McCall’s 6648).   It’s still available, if anyone else wants it.

If I hadn’t seen Karen’s copy, and immediately fallen in love with the flirty (and cool in summer) sleeves, it wouldn’t have entered my pattern collection.  Thank you, Karen!

Needless to say, she’s happy to see one of “her” patterns come out the winner, and so am I.  It’s been niggling around in the back of my mind to get it made this year, and that’s a big reason why I included it in the challenge.

Am eager to see how it goes… but first, there’s a couple other little projects already on the table.  More after the snow settles…    Happy Sewing!     🙂

as you can see, the c-l-e-a-r- winner!
as you can see, the c-l-e-a-r- winner!

4 thoughts on “march’s monthly stitch winner”

  1. Do you know what I would do Del? Total cop out BUT I would do view A….. love the sleeve it ‘breathes’ but would exclude the collar just make a nice tidy facing and have it collarless. Not so much a lazy thing, collars are easy enough but for my taste it would look a bit twee on me whereas the collarless version is sharp still, although more potential to dress up or down. That’s in my humble opinion anyway 🙂 Love as always Samantha xx


    1. Have been thinking the same thing, particularly as I’m using such a wild print for the first edition. Then, if I like the results, might do up a solid colour, and toy with the collar, just to see. But twee is definitely what I’ve been thinking about this collar on me… same with a bow… for this time around. As always, you can hit the nail on the head, even from across the pond! Love ya, Dear One!
      del xx


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