weekly photo challenge: abandoned

ABAN”DONED, pp. Wholly forsaken or deserted.

People who sew sometimes have a change of heart about their current project.  The weather might drastically shift, making an immediate wear uncomfortable, or they might run up against a challenge they don’t want to face at that time.  So the project gets shelved. These then become Unfinished Objects, or UFOs.

Often these are pushed to the back of the pile, but may not become officially abandoned for years, sometimes decades.  I’ve moved some of these across a country, and bet I’m not alone.

And then there are the wadders.

Wadders are sewing projects that are irretrievable.  Generally zips or buttons are removed, along with any reusable fabric.  Then what’s left might be tossed either into the rag bag for use until it’s in tatters, or into the trash.  In this day and age, that’s truly not politically correct.

There are non-profit organizations who collect such items for re-use in craft projects for arts and crafts programs, perhaps as a pretty scrap a child decides to use in their picture, or an older adult might use as part of a quilting project.  Even if you’re not a quilter, you know how small some of those pieces can be!  (Be aware that you might need to remind folk that scraps can be used in these ways.)

And thus, in sewing, nothing needs to be tossed out or abandoned. There’s always someone, somewhere that can use it.  We just need to know how to find each other.

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6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: abandoned”

  1. Wow, Del, these look like they are worth saving – love the fabrics. I too have many UFOs both clothing and quilt projects, started and sadly abandoned, but kept, stored, and toted back and forth across our nation. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this particular trait! Karen


    1. Hi, Ms. Karen! Great to hear from you. And no, you most certainly aren’t alone! Will try to get some of these UFOs completed this summer, as the fabrics are nice and I’d like to be able to wear them. We’ll see. 😉 Maybe a weekend spent in nothing but UFO sewing? Your place or mine?
      del xx


  2. I cannot bring myself to toss a piece of fabric, unless it’s in the form of a string that’s just about to break – again. Well, that may not be ‘entirely’ true, but pretty close!! Maybe I should look up some of those nonprofits . . . maybe even get involved! Thanks for this – very nice take on this week’s photo challenge.


    1. Thank you! Good luck locating these non-profits. Mine are local, but if I run across anything more national, I’ll let you know. Try searching for fabric recycling or craft recycling. You can always just call around & ask, too. Good luck!


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