sew grateful week ~ thursday, project day

As mentioned at the beginning of the month, some of my latest projects have been winter hats for friends… using some of that bright fleece originally used as a blanket at the start of this fierce winter.

Am slowly cutting strips off the bottom of the blanket – hehe!  Although sadly it’s still needed as an extra blanket, when Spring comes (if?) it might be down to shawl size.

Trying to be smart, I put the side pattern piece along the least stretchy portion of the fleece. Not the best idea, I discovered after making 2 hats and then trying one on.  That stretch is very much necessary.  Will find smaller heads for these 2 hats, and try again.

The red hat’s pieces are placed differently on the fabric, and it turned out well.  The fleece is I used is light-weight Polartec® fleece, purchased several years ago & used as a wrap.  But it’s not really my sort of red, being cool rather than warm (blue rather than orangey). My faithful pattern for this was Folkwear’s #269, of course!

That’s what I’ve been up to lately… which means those trousers for The Monthly Stitch got put on hold.  Might have to skip this month, as pants are just not my thing right now.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  After all, it wouldn’t be the first time I made something just before deadline.  Know what I mean?  🙂

Those are the projects I’ve been working on this month.  How about you?

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