sew grateful wednesday ~ sharing resources

Scotland’s tartan & tweed – who could resist?!

Several months ago I discovered The Vintage Traveler, a blog by Lizzie Bramlett all about vintage clothing, manufacturers, designers, and more interesting “stuff” than I’d imagined possible.  I spent hours reading old posts just because they were so interesting.

Author Lizzie is a former “teacher and long-time collector and lover of vintage clothing” and her blog fills lots of gaps in my knowledge of vintage (and current) fashion.

Plus she lives in what must be vintage shop heaven, Asheville, North Carolina, and teases readers when she uses photos of her finds as illustrations!

estate tweeds

Did you know that… “Tweeds are distant cousins of clan tartans – each identify a group of people, but a tartan would represent members of the same family whereas tweed signifies a group of people who live and work in the same area.”  Charles Inness, Owner, Hunter’s Tweeds.  (As listed on Lizzie’s blog, but originally from an interview on the Grey Fox blog.

For Lizzie’s post with the above links, click here.

HUGE thank you’s for all the interesting things you post, Lizzie!

❤  ❤  ❤  


4 thoughts on “sew grateful wednesday ~ sharing resources”

  1. Thank you sew much, Debi!
    Am enjoying this Sew Grateful Week very much.
    Thank you for creating this opportunity for everyone to participate!
    “Gratitude is riches…”
    xx del


  2. Del, this is just the nicest thing anyone could have written about me and my blog. It makes me happy that you enjoy reading my ramblings, and that you wanted to share them with your readers. Many thanks! Lizzie


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