you choose this time ~ and enter monday’s giveaway!

March The Monthly Stitch

The Monthly Stitch

Huh?  That’s correct, Dear Readers.  You get to tell me which pattern to make for March.  And automatically become eligible in Monday’s Sew Grateful Week Giveaway.

The Monthly Stitch has decided to make the March challenge a bit more involved: We’re supposed to choose 3 patterns we haven’t made and ask all our Dear Readers to choose which one we should make.

Are you up for it??  I hope so!

Below are your choices.  Click any photo to go to full views of each pattern and read my comments.  Do make your own comments as well!

I’ve plenty of fabric, and frankly need to reserve those decisions until March arrives, and we can see what the weather’s going to be.  It might be fleece – it might be rayon.  Who knows?!

Puh-lease take a sec and make a quick reply below any time before Monday, and you’ll automatically be entered in the monday sew grateful week giveaway.  Details for my 5 giveaways will be posted later this week – but this is one of them.  Will mail internationally!x5m9


92 thoughts on “you choose this time ~ and enter monday’s giveaway!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Haven’t come across anyone who has sewn it yet, so I might be trailblazing. Not my fav thing to do, but will muddle onward & report accordingly.
      Thank you for your vote!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Cathy, I don’t have anything prior to this message right here – scroll down & you’ll see.
      Did you reply to a different post? I’ll go hunt…

      Don’t see it, Cathy… give it to me again, if you don’t mind!

    1. CurlsnSkirls Post author

      Thank you for your vote, Simona, and feel free to use the idea as it didn’t originate with me! It’s from someone far in the past, no doubt, and just keeps getting passed along.

  1. sleepyerin

    I’m going against the crowd – Number 3. It just looks like it would be effortless in the right fabric and it would be so fun to accessorise

  2. ltinuviel

    Very hard decision, cause all of them are very interesting to sew 🙂 I vote for #1 (maybe cause it’s still cold enough to not thinking for summer clothes 😀 )

  3. Gjeometry

    Hmmmm, I vote for McCalls 6648. I like the big drapey sleeves and the cute bow neck. (ps, can’t remember if you voted for my Miss Bossy yet, but it is up on my blog for your voting pleasure) And, SEW excited Sew Grateful is back this year. I participated last year as well. Love me a good giveaway!


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